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How to Sell on Seafood Circle

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How to Sell on Seafood Circle

Seafood Circle is not just another retail website, it is a platform for anyone (wholesalers, retailers, and the public) to create listings to sell their own products.  Commonly known on as Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and Customer to Customer (C2C) Marketplaces.

Popular marketplaces on the web like this are eBay, AirBnB, and Etsy.  They all offer a simple website where sellers can list their products/services, communicate with potential customers, give and receive feedback ratings, and have orders processed through the site allowing sellers to accept credit card payments.

Seafood Circle works exactly this, as a marketplace for anything seafood, fishing, boating, or ocean related.   All marketplace sites charge a transaction fee and a credit card processing fee.  Credit card processing fees are usually 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction anywhere you go, even in most brick and mortar retail shops where you swipe your card and the retailer absorbs the fee by incorporating it into the retail price of the items sold.

With Seafood Circle, within a few minutes you can add your products or services with unlimited details, photos, YouTube videos and more, accept credit card payments, and start selling your seafood, fishing, boating, and ocean related products... Easily!

Our Transaction Fees are Lower!

Ebay deducts 8% or more, depending on the item/s sold.
AirBnB takes 8.0% to 18% of the transaction.
Etsy soaks up 7% to 11% of the sale price.
Seafood Circle's total fees after the sale are only 7% of the selling price and that includes all credit card payment processing fees.
Plus, there are NO LISTING FEES.  You can post as many products and services as you want for FREE.
The fee is only deducted once a sale is made.  So there's no risk and nothing to pay up front.

We Make Selling Fast, Easy, and Secure

No Monthly Fees
Secure Transactions
Automatic Deposits
Sellers Protection

Unlimited Free Listings

No Listing Fees

Listings will be active indefinitely or until you deactivate them.
Once your product is purchased, there is a small transaction fee and payment processing fee.

Transaction Fee
2.9% + $.30
Payment Processing

A total of 7% of the sales price covers both the Seafood Circle transaction fee and the marketplace credit card payment processing fee.

We do not deduct any fees from the price you add to your listing for the shipping cost, transaction fees are only deducted from the product or services price.

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